Kunjungan Ad Limina Pada Bapa Suci Benediktus XVI

8 10 2011

Kamis, 6 Oktober 2011, 11.30-12.30

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Kunjugan Ad Limina dilakukan secara berkelompok. Kamis, 6  Oktober 2011, kelompok terakhir pada hari ini terdiri dari Uskup-Uskup Provinsi Gerejawi Samarinda dan Semarang. Dari provinsi Gerejawi Samarinda: Mgr. Florentinus Sului MSF, Uskup Agung Samarinda; Mgr. Piet Timang, Uskup Banjarmasin; Mgr. A.M. Sutrisnaagmaka, MSF, Uskup Palangkaraya; Mgr. Yustinus Harjosusanto MSF, Uskup Tanjung Selor, sedang dari provinsi Semarang: Mgr. Johannes Pujasumarta, Uskup Agung Semarang; Mgr. H.J. Pandoyoputro Ocarm, Uskup Malang; Mgr. Julianus Sunarka SJ, Uskup Purwokerto; Mgr. V. Sutikno Wisaksono, Uskup

Di hadapan Bapa Suci Benediktus XVI masing-masing Uskup mendapat waktu untuk berkisah tentang kesukupannya.  Pada giliran saya, saya haturkan pengalaman saya tentang Keuskupan Agung Semarang.

Dear Holy Father,

I am Johannes Pujasumarta, the Archbishop of Semarang. I would like to express my deep gratitiude to you for your invitation to pay Ad Limina visit, today. For me it’s a moment of renewing my faithfulness to you, especially; and to the Roman Catholic Church built by Jesus Christ on the foundation of the Apostles.
First you assigned me a s bishop of Bandung, consecrated on 16th July, 2008; and then after two years and a half working in Bandung, you sent me  back to the Archdiocese of Semarang in which I was incardinated. And I was installed as the fifth Archbishop of Semarang on 7th January 2011. Thank you for the new assignment.
For the Catholic Church in Indonesia this year, 2011, is a moment of deep gratitude because of the establishment of the Catholic Hierarchy, 50 years ago, on the 3rd January 1961. We celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the episcopale hierarchy of Indonesia Catholic Church. Especially for the Archdiocese of Semarang this year is a moment of deep gratitude for many reasons.
We celebrate the centenary of the first Minor Seminary in Indonesia, considered as the heart of the Church. Since the beginning it has become a good place of priestly formation. This year we have a good number of seminarians studying there.
This year, too,  we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Saint Paul Major Seminary on the 15th of August. It’s a special place for the diocesan priest formation. Now, we have 197 diocesan priests, working together with Jesuit priests (101), and religious one of the Holy Family congregation (63).

We thank God for the living and growing Church of Semarang Archdiocese. Yearly we have new baptized , children and adult. Consequently, supported by the quantitative data we need one more parish every year. And here we find problem. So, we should continuosly promote vocation for the priesthood among the young. It’s our challenge fot the future Church.

The other priests from various priestly congregations are present in our Arhdiocese to study or to held formation in some houses of formation. Our living Church is supported  by the life and works of religious sisters (1.187) and brothers (230) and so many lay people running universities,  schools, hospitals, some formation centers with good reputation. There are many groups or communities of Catholic movement, such as Legion of Mary, Charismatic, Divine Mercy,  Community of Sant’Egidio, Focolare,  Eucharistic devotion, etc. The establishment of perpetual Eucharistic adoration is growing in number.
After 100 years of mission  at the end of 2010 the Archdiocese of Semarang covered about 400.000 baptized Catholic spread over 90 parishes.

Thank you for your continued prayers and blessings for my Archdiocese, and I offer to you the prayers and warmest regards from my people.

Vatican City, October 6, 2011

+ Johannes Pujasumarta
Archbishop of Semarang




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